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Thank you for visiting my site.


2011 did i get a burning feeling that i wanted to start to make art dolls, it gave me a wonderful possibility to combine all my knowledge and experience of decorative art that I have a master’s degree in and my passion for problem solving that all the different technics involving art-doll creation.


My studio is filled with different kind of clays, fabrics, wool to make hair, tools, paint, wood, steel wires and much more, since I moved in with my boyfriend the studio have grown slowly but steady so the room former called living room with a studio corner is now a studio where my boyfriends beloved armchair and TV are placed. :)


The process to craft an art-doll takes seconds, minutes or hours to complete in my mind but in real life it takes days, weeks or months to do it, so all the hard work makes me feel extra happy when someone appreciate my work of art.


Thank you for visiting my homepage and if you like what you see please don’t hesitate to tell your friends! :)


Sincerely yours Olga Makarova


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